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Please note the following points regarding the service we offer. By using our repair service,
you are agreeing to the points below.

+ We will not be responsible for any goods sent in without an order number / with an incorrect order number or not booked in through the website.

+ Some hand pieces require an external power supply (included with service) to power an emulator (to tell the handpiece that it has a new laser installed). We will contact you to confirm this. Sending in your hand piece after this confirmation is acceptance on your part of this modification.

+ We perform advertised repairs only to laser hand pieces that have not have had previous
failed repair attempts by third parties.  If your repair is diagnosed to be "not as described"
when booked in, we charge a $175 diagnosis and return fee if you wish to have the device returned.

+ We do not offer a quote service.  If your device requires a repair we do not offer, or a
repair we offer plus additional work (that is not also a repair listed on our website for that
model), we will charge a $175 diagnosis and return fee if you wish to have the device

+ We do not repair damaged items. If your device is deemed to be damaged, we charge a $175 diagnosis and return fee if you wish to have the device returned.

+ We take no responsibility for items sent in to us before they are signed for. If your device is damaged before arrival, it is up to you to claim against your courier service for this

+ All free return shipping services are offered within Australia only. For international service an additional fee of $160 wil be charged, and shipped by DHL)

+ We use reputable couriers for return shipping who may be authoised to leave without signature. Should the customer wish for fully insured/signature on delivery shipping please Add $75 to your final payment.

+ The customer releases MV-Tools Pty Ltd trading as Laserservice from liability for return shipping.

Warranty exclusions

+ Warranty is strictly limited to 6 months since last repair. The warranted shot count then comes into effect. The customer accepts that reporting a warranty issues must be within the 6 month warranty period, and that reporting a warranty issue occouring outside of the warranty period will not be covered by warranty.

The customer accepts that it is important that the customer use the repaird hand piece within the warranty period and not store it for future use.

+ Any laser hand piece must be securely packaged (preferably in the manufacturer's box).  Please send the device only. Any laser handpieces received in poor packaging will be investigated for damage prior to acceptance.

+ Any accessories or boxes (other than the manufacturer's box) sent in with your device will not be returned.  Please send the device only.

+ If your device is under manufacturer warranty, this warranty will be void after we repair the device. We take no responsibility for your warranty.

+ The customer accepts Laserservice is not liable for any loss of business either during initial repair time or warranty repair time.

Learn more about our 6 month warranty

Lost package policy

+ All packages sent out areat the customers risk. + Please arrange your own collection courier should you wish for fully insured return courier.

Abandonment policy

+ We hold items for 30 days after request for payment. If after follow up requests for payment it is not paid within the 30 days period, the item will be deemed abandoned, and we will recycle it in line with industry best practice.  We will not notify you of this.


+ No invoices are provided prior to payment.  Once payment has been made, all repairs are returned with an emailed tax invoice to the email address provided during the book-in process.


+ We accept payment for our services by Direct deposit.

+ A tax invoice is provided with all repairs.

Servicing Time 7-10 business days - New and warranty repairs

Our turn around for laser hand pieces is usually 7-10 business days. Not including the day received. Please be aware if some additional minor faults are found in the hand piece, while we will repair for the quoted price, these additional repairs may incur additional time to repair

Not as Booked

You the customer are responsible for selecting the correct unit type when booking in a unit
Should a unit arrive and be different from the type of unit booked,and the repair price is greater than that booked, we will call to clarify. Should we not receive a response the unit's repair may be delayed until this is clarified


Refund will only be issued should we have 4 failed attempts to repair the hand piece. (to date this has never happened)

The hand piece will be returned to you with all your original components installed

and a refund will be issued prorated to the number of shots used since the repair and the warranty shot count


All returnes must be booked in throught the web page. As shipping instructions may be changed from time to time. Failure to do so may incure a considerable delay in processing

© 2011 MV-Tools, ABN 32 069 468 846

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