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Syneron AG Recharge

Recharging the Syneron AG handpiece to 30,000 shots.

Syneron AG Recharge

At Laser Service, we specialise in refurbishing cosmetic laser heads, replacing the laser emitter, re-calibrating to factory specifications and resetting the shot count back to factory default of 30,000 shots. All seals are replaced and we also service the cooling system.

This restores your Syneron AG laser head back to original condition, and is functionally and cosmetically identical to having your laser head refurbished by the manufacturer.

We provide warranty equivalent to the manufacturer, which for the Syneron AG is 6 Months pro-rata on 30,000 shots.

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We understand that trusting a repairer is more than just the cost of the repair. Your business relies on your equipment, and with that in mind, we provide the fastest turnaround, the highest quality and the best customer service we can. We really do appreciate your trust in having your laser serviced by us.

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