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The information on this site is copyright. Please do not copy our information without permission.

MV-Tools and Laser Service are trading names of Saleberg Holdings Pty Ltd, ABN 32 069 468 846. We are an entirely Australian Owned company.

Laser Service is not affiliated with any Laser manufacturer.

Any applicable merchant fees are clearly laid out on the payment page. You choose which payment method you wish to use. Direct deposit 0% (international, check with your bank as fees may apply),

Privacy policy

Laser Service respects your privacy and will never sell or share any personal information with any 3rd party.

By using our service, you agree to periodically receive special offers from us, however we will always give you the option of opting out of receiving such correspondence.

Laser manufactures

Laser Service service and recharge will void manufactures warranty on laser hand piece recharge.

While most service and recharge are transparent to the laser manufacturer some recharges require an additional external power supply (supplied as part of the repair) this makes our services visible to your manufacturer should they service the base unit. Please check the product listing page for the details on each hand piece should they require an external power supply and under what conditions this required.

Turnaround of unit

Laser Service understands how important your laser hand pieces are to your business, so service and recharge services are tested to the highest quality hence the eight-nine business days turnaround.

Many of these laser hand pieces are electronic and plumbing nightmares - so our technicians pressure test all units for 48 hours after service and recharge.

For some of our more common repairs - we offer a Express service of 2 day delivery of an exchange hand piece for an additional fee. Not available for all units. Please contact us for availability of exchange laser hand pieces.

Customers care and due diligence. Power level warning

Laser Service warrants their work to service and repair to full manufacture's calibrations and power levels.

Customers please note that despite manufactures claiming no power decrease over the shot count life of the hand piece, we have found this not to be the case. In practice, there can be a significant power reduction.

The customer accepts responsibility for bearing this in mind when they use a newly serviced and recharged laser hand piece - and affirm they will take all due care with adjusting the treatment power levels to match those of a laser hand piece now emitting full manufacturer specified power levels.

Laser Service (a division of MV-Tools) takes no responsibility for any damages due to the customer not taking heed of this warning.

© 2011 MV-Tools, ABN 32 069 468 846

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