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How long will this take? We need our laser serviced NOW!

We have the fastest turnaround time of any technicians in Australia, however due to the complexity of cosmetic lasers, service does take up to a 10 working days to complete. If your business requires faster turnaround, please contact us to discuss faster servicing options, including exchange handsets for some models. We really do pride ourselves on our excellent turnaround times and excellent customer service.

Why should I use Laser Service?

Laser Service is the only specialist cosmetic laser servicing and repair specialist in Australia, and we take pride in our work to ensure exceptional performance, the fastest turnaround times and excellent customer service for all of our clients. The only difference between using our service and having your laser serviced by the manufacturer is the price.

Is there going to be any difference in performance after the service?

It is worth noting that the unit's power will be returned to new - as per the manufactures calibration standards. Most handpieces over time and use slightly diminish in power. So having the handpiece as per new specifications may deliver more power than before the service and this should be taken into consideration when setting the power levels for your treatments.

We service cosmetic lasers using the exact same parts as the manufacturers, offering the same shot count and the same performance. There is absolutely no functional difference between our service and that offered by the manufacturers.

I am geting an error on the base unit. Can you assist?

If your base unit is working fine with other handpieces, it is likely that our service will both rectify the problem, and recharge your handpiece.

What repairs do you do?

Our main area of expertise is in servicing and recharging cosmetic laser heads for the makes and models listed on our repair pages. However we also offer repairs and can service other cosmetic lasers not listed, so if you don't find what you're looking for listed on the site, please drop us a line and we'd be happy to help.

I'm not really sure if this is the right repair or right model, but I booked it in anyway! Can you change it for me if it is listed under the wrong repair?

Laser Service would request in this instance for you to contact us first as "Not as described" will incur a $175 return fee.

Are your parts genuine?

Yes, Laser Service only use genuine parts for all of our repairs and servicing, as this is the only way to ensure perfect and reliable operation. Some models do require an emulator (a chip to tell the handset that it has a new laser installed, as the original handset uses encryption for this), but we disclose this on the individual repair page before you book it in, and this does not affect function or performance in any way.

Do you have parts in stock?

We keep parts in stock for all of the common repairs we offer. If we are out of stock or require addtional parts, we'll contact you regarding this before you send your handset to us.

How should I package my laser head?

Most heads come in their own protective case, which we recommend using if you still have it. If not, we recommend a hard box with a lot of padding to ensure it arrives safely. We can assist clients further with this if required.

How do we courier the hand piece to you?

Packaged up your hand piece as instructed in the email you receive on booking the job. Use your regular courier or use any reputable service - Our CBD Collection Address for Couriers is: Laser Service, C/- The Beauty Clinic, Level 1, 70 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.

Should I include any other accessories?

Please do not send anything other than the hand piece and the attached leads. Anything you do send to us will be held securely (although we take no responsibility for it), but it is not necessary to send anything other than the handpiece itself.

What payment options do you accept?

Our payment methods are:
a) Bank transfer. (International - please check with your bank for any applicable fees)
Please contact us if you would like to use an alternate payment method.

Can I get a tax invoice before making payment?

Our system will email you tax invoice on receipt of payment.
For a proforma invoice - please email us

What kind of warranty do you offer for your repairs?

Laser Service guarantees the quality of our repairs for 6 months (prorate on the shot count). If something goes wrong with the laser during this time, feel free to send your laser back to us, and if the problem lies with the repair or the replaced part, we'll fix it for you prorated to your shot count.

What does prorated mean?

Lets say we recharge a Cutera Titan to factory 10,000 shots and within the 6 months there is a problem and it still has 6,000 shots remaining. When you return it to us, we will service it and recharge to 10,000 shots for 40% of our normal price. (Calculated as remaining shots divided by manufacture's full shot count (6,000/10,000).

Does your service void my manufacturer warranty?

This is dependant on your manufacturer. Please contact them if unsure, however we take no responsibility for your manufacturer's warranty.

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